Beautiful Modern Bathroom Interior Design

Your bathroom is your personal retreat. It should reflect your personal tastes. It should be a place where you can go to, to pamper yourself, away from the stresses of daily life. Don’t bother about decorating your bathroom in to modern bathroom interior design.

The next owner probably would have different taste from you and may end up ripping out the fixtures and redoing the bathroom to suit their tastes anyway.

That being said, how do you go about decorating your bathroom?

Be honest. What do you really want. What can you comfortably afford?

If you what you really want is beyond your current means, consider either saving up until you have enough for your dream bathroom or doing some cosmetic enhancements to your bathroom instead.

Beautiful Modern Bathroom Interior Design Gallery

Beautiful Modern Bathroom Interior Design Gallery
This one is something different and unique specially its glassy separate shower room is looking amazing specially here’s golden color is very captivated.
beautiful modern bathroom interior design 2B 25289 2529
One of the greatest small bathroom idea its beautiful mirror and amazing wall designing making this one very unique.
beautiful modern bathroom interior design 2B 25288 2529
This bathroom idea is special for the brightness lover it is really looking very impressive because of its white belongings and all with full of brightness.
beautiful modern bathroom interior design 2B 25287 2529
One of the largest bathroom idea with beautiful storage, big mirror, bath tub with unique shape and its glassy separate shower room is making this bathroom design really mesmerizing.
beautiful modern bathroom interior design 2B 25286 2529
This small bathroom idea is built in a small space but, still it has every thing of need that is why it is looking very impressive.
beautiful modern bathroom interior design 2B 25285 2529
In this bathroom idea the white color is mostly focused all around that is making feel very mesmerizing its one more pic with different angle can be seen below.
beautiful modern bathroom interior design 2B 25284 2529
One of the largest bathroom idea, it has good storage and space and it is looking really very gorgeous with its beautiful big mirror.
beautiful modern bathroom interior design 2B 25283 2529
This one is really very rare, here you can find good storage an commode as well more over its different wall designing is really amazing.
beautiful modern bathroom interior design 2B 25282 2529
A beautiful and luxury bathroom idea, its wall designing making this shower room more captivated. Modern Bathroom Interior Design
beautiful modern bathroom interior design 2B 25281 2529
Beautiful and luxurious bathroom is decorated with nice flower pots, what is special about it is that the sunlight coming from outside is making this bathroom even better.

Modern Bathroom Interior Design Tips and Ideas

Decorating your personal bathroom

For your personal bathroom, decide on the overall look and feel you want.

Do you want an outdoor feel? Do you want to enjoy the view of your garden from your bathroom?

Do you want a bathroom that is intimate and private?

What is the overall style of the house?

Do you have room for a bathtub? If not, can you take space from the neighbouring rooms into your bathroom in order to have a bathtub?

Is a shower area sufficient for you?

Do you need a jacuzzi? Or a whirlpool? These can take up a large portion of your bathroom decorating budget.

Bath tubs
This is the most important part of the bathroom.

For the bath rub, do you want a acrylic bath tub, a marble bath tub or a cast iron bath tub. Do you want a sunken bath tub? Your choice would depend on you budget and the overall look of the bathroom.

A sunken bath tub may look good but it is dangerous. Sunken bath tubs are harder to get into and out of. They are harder to clean.

Cast iron bath tubs may look more traditional and luxurious to some, but the acrylic and marble bath tubs are easier to repair and clean.

For safety sake, you should install grab bars on the wall beside these bath tubs.

Theme based Modern Bathroom Interior Design
Decorating your bathroom is fun. You can pick and choose the themes you want. You could have a retro bathroom theme, and ultramodern theme or a fantasy theme.

You could have a fantasy bathroom with a beige floor, beige walls, floaty white shower curtains, white bathtub and other fixtures. Beautiful faucets and other hardware could be in polished nickel. You could even have some green plants that thrive in humid conditions to turn your bathroom into a mini forest.

You could have a retro bathroom, maybe something from the 1920’s. For that look, you could start off with a white on white look. White marble floors, white walls, white curtains dressing the window. For this look, nickel plated faucets and handles are ideal. A 2 person bath tub and a pretty powder area, complete with 1920’s style mirrors, wall lamps and vases would be perfect.

You could have a bath in your bedroom. The bath tub could be placed in a corner of the bedroom, where you can see the fireplace and the outdoor view while you bathe.

You can have a ultramodern bathroom with a bathtub made of sheet steel with brass taps that look like nuggets, a side table in a modern geometric design all offset by warm beige walls and white floors.

Lighting up your Modern Bathroom Interior Design
For your bathroom, you need enough light to illuminate without the glare.

The lighting at the dressing area should be soft and flattering. No harsh light shining down at the mirror. For more flattering lighting, light the dressing table with strips of 15 to 40 watt bulbs by each side of the mirror.

Table lamps are great for the vanity area. Pick lamps that fit in with your bathroom theme. Check out these Traditional Lamps, Modern Lamps, Lodge Lamps and Country Lamps

It can be very romantic bathing by candle light. Light candles and place them in these Candle Holders by the bath tub. Add in some essential oils to your bathwater. Play some soft music. Bath time would be heavenly.

You may also want a central ceiling light for your bathroom.

Children’s bathroom – Modern Bathroom Interior Design
For a newborn infant, it is safer to bathe them in the sink. When they are older and it is time to bathe in the bath tub, you’ll need non slip bath mats too.

Although kids love bright colors, their bathrooms should not be in primary colors. Softer colors, pastels an neutrals would be more appropriate. You can have pretty faucets and maybe some interesting tiles to liven up the children’s bathroom.

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Avoid installing glass doors for a children’s shower. It is not safe. Especially for accident prone kids. Better use Shower Curtains around the children’s shower instead.

As the floor of the children’s bathroom will always be wet, the floor tiles should be the non-slip or textured tiles to prevent slipping.

Prepare enough Storage Furniture in the children’s bathroom for their bath towels, bath toys, shampoos, step stools, bubble blower and whatever the kids would bring to their bath.

You’ll need Hooks and Hangers in the children’s bathroom so your kids can get into the habit of hanging up their clothes, rather than leaving their clothes all over the place.

Modern Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

Last Updated on November 1, 2021

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