Country style living room, country living room ideas

Country style living room spaces reflect the relaxed pace of life and the celebration of the lazy country afternoon. The living room a a place where good, spirited conversation is the norm.

The environment is one of comfort and intimacy, and closeness to nature. The look is one of simple elegance.

Country style living room, country living room Images

Country style living room, country living room ideas
country style living room ideas 2
country style living room ideas 3
country style living room ideas 4
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Country style living room, country living room ideas

Home Insulation

In the past, there were no radiators to generate heat in winter. There was no air-conditioning to make a room cooler in summer. Hence, country style homes then and the renovated old homes now are built with good insulation in mind.

Windows to the living areas of these country style country homes are small and deep set, few and  far apart, while the walls are 2 feet thick. This provides the living areas with insulation from heat and cold.

Country style Living areas

The focal point of country style living rooms would have to be the seats. A comfortable couch or sofa, side chairs, all in earth tones or soft muted floral patterns. 

There could be a cassapanca, a large family chest with arms and back, a settee.

There is also the coffee table.

For a really casual atmosphere, garden furniture may even be used indoors. Indoor plants thrive in these country style living room.

There would probably be a fireplace, with an ornate wood mantel in the living areas. The fireplace may be carved out of wood or stone. This area may be decorated by columns. Cornices may adorn the ceilings. Conversations in the evening by the fireplace filled with laughter and stories. Fireplaces and Accessories

The furniture in country style living room tend to be more rustic. Solid furniture, home made furnishings that are typical of country homes. Lots of  glazed terracotta. Terracotta planters, trailing ivy and archways are typical of country style homes. Stone and wood lend strength to these homes. A collection of ancient busts may be on display in these areas.

Frescos may cover the walls. The walls may be treated like blank canvases by talented artists, who paint their creations directly on the living room walls.

Country style dining rooms

The walls of the country style dining rooms may be covered by thick plaster and subtle limewash color. The window grills are made wrought iron.

Lighting in these rooms is warm and intimate. Light glows in the room. Wall sconces give you that effect. Like this Apartment Wall Lamp

By day, sunlight is allowed to give the dining areas a warm glow, through thin curtains. This results in a warm ambience.

Indoor trellis with ivy climbing it adds a beautiful touch to country style dining areas.

The dining table is set with white table cloth. Fresh flowers form the centerpiece on the table. Dinnerware may be white, or may be decorated with floral motifs. Persion rugs may line the floor. Leather chairs, a marble table all fit in nicely in an country style dining area.

In the alpine regions,the interiors are lined with wood panels from floor to ceiling. Blond pine found in the surrounding forests is often used for these panels. Dark hardwood floor and heavy wooden beams complete the look.


During summer, meals may be taken outdoors. The beauty outdoors is savoured in the portico when the sun is up. Columns and vines may decorate this area.

Meals may be taken in Sunrooms. A sunny place in the home where the garden may be seen through a large glass wall, or where french doors open to the terrace gardens.

Iron wrought chairs are often used outdoors.

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