How to Choose the Best Kids Room Decor for Boys and Girls

The kids room decor can actually help them to see the path towards their goals and motivate them to strive for excellence.

Let’s take the example of a kid who wants to become an astronaut. She requires to see how what she does now will affect her future, and how she can work to realize that dream.

You could decorate a wall mural to assist her to visualize the process. Paint the wall to look like a beautiful space-scape, with the Milky Way as a path she walks on to reach her prize. Paint a space shuttle and astronaut spacewalking beside it, as the prize at the end of the Milky Way path. 

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How to Choose the Best Kids Room Decor for Boys and Girls
How to Choose the Best Kids Room Decor for Boys and Girls

How to Choose the Best Kids Room Decor for Boys and Girls

Then, along the Milky Way path, stagger a few small cork boards covered in black felt. On each one, put a representation of something she must do to reach her goal. In this case, that could be excelling in math, becoming healthy and strong, and developing good communication and interpersonal skills. 

On one felt-covered cork board, hang photos of organic vegetables and good sources of protein. Include diagrams of exercises she should do to build muscle and increase flexibility. Be sure to add a cartoon of her sleeping soundly, as that’s a crucial part of staying healthy. If she’s as well young as to do serious exercises, then have a photo of her brushing her teeth.

On the next felt-covered cork board, hang the multiplication tables, or whatever her next challenge is to learn in her math class.

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On the last felt-covered corkboard, hang photos of her doing an activity that requires cooperation, a photo of her helping a younger child with kindness, and a photo of her listening with fully focused attention.

When your child can see the connection between the choices they make now, and the dreams they have for their future, they will be motivated to do the best they can. They will also have hope, which is crucial to their development on every level. Kids room decor is a powerful tool for molding their minds. Use it wisely.

Bean bags for Kids Room Decor

Bean bags are always a hit with kids. The younger or more active kids can really abuse a bean bag by continuously jumping on top of it. Teenagers are more likely to enjoy schmoozing in comfort, laying down inside a soft bean bag. This makes a bean bag a great item for kids room, as it can actually grow with them and survive future makeovers.

over here’s a great option for a boy’s bedroom, or even for a sports-loving girl – they will literally get a kick out of this soccer bean bag.

This is actually a beanless bag, large and durable enough to be used outdoors. The black and white bag adds a touch of humor, with its funky shape, so inappropriate for a soccer ball, and some black and white drama to the color scheme. It can be an awesome gift as well, imagine this one getting in the mail! Quite the birthday surprise!

Kids Room Decor For Creativity

Kids spend a lot of time fantasizing. Their bedrooms should be where they can give those fantasies expression. 

Putting chalkboards on one wall, and providing them with colorful, dustless chalk is one great way to allow them to a location to create. With a digital camera, you can photograph anything they get attached to, and store the file. That way, they will be able to let go and erase the board to make room for new creations. The advantage of this is that you don’t end up with tons of paper you must file. A USB device the size of your pinkie finger can hold all the digital files you collect. The saving paper also saves the environment.

Corkboard is another good cover for a wall. They can hang any artwork they like on the wall, and change their minds every week. The wall isn’t damaged every time they feel like redecorating. Provide them with push pins (if they are old enough to use them safely), and scraps of fabric in different colors. They can make the wall look like a patchwork quilt. Kids Room Decor.

Cover a wall with a strip of painted metal sheeting. This becomes the canvas for magnet art. Provide them with flat magnets and blank stickers. They can cover the magnets in the blank stickers, color them with a pen or crayon, cut them out, and attach them to the wall. Kids Room Decor Magnetic alphabets and magnets with single words printed on them, provide a great way to stimulate literacy and poetic inspiration.

If you cover a wall in felt and provide kids with lots of colored felt pieces, they can cut out characters and settings, and then arrange them to tell stories on the wall. Felt adheres to felt, so no pins are needed. This is a safe option for toddlers.

Last Updated on November 15, 2021

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