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Creative lighting can improve the functionality of your living room and make it more inviting for your family and guests. Your living room can serve multiple functions: a gathering area for family and friends, a quiet reading area or backdrop for special events, and so on. Flexible lighting serves an important function in living room decor. Top Trends Living Room Styles Images.

Depending on the size of your living room, four to eight lighting sources should be sufficient. Use low-wattage lighting to avoid unflattering shadows and glare. Dimmer switches allow you set the mood according to the activity.

Top Trends Living Room Styles Images

Top Trends Living Room Styles Images
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Top Trends Living Room Styles Images
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Top Trends Living Room Styles Images
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Top Trends Living Room Styles Images
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Top Trends Living Room Styles

Avoid placing lighting sources directly next to a wall or other large object, because the light will reflect the color of the object, and will not be dispersed evenly around the room. Locate the bulk of your lighting around the perimeter of your room so that light is directed toward the center.

Try a variety of lighting sources such as candlelight and compact fluorescent bulbs as a substitute for standard incandescent bulbs. Include a variety of lighting around the room; consider table lamps, floor lamps, and stationary lamps mounted on walls and ceilings. Locate wall and ceiling-mounted lighting around fireplaces or other features in your living room that won’t be moved at a later date.

For reading, the light should shine over the reader’s shoulder with the shade at eye level to avoid shining light directly into his or her eyes. Table lamps are ideal, although floor lamps are another desirable choice. Preventing glare is also important for task lighting at a desk or computer table. A lamp on either side of a television set can prevent natural sunlight shining into the room from washing out the picture.

If you have a bar area or a fireplace try overhead recessed or track lighting. Uplighting can provide a showcase for artwork, house plants, and collections.

No matter the size or shape of your living room, creative lighting can truly make the space your own.

Top Trends Living Room Styles Ideas

When it comes time for decorating your living room for spring this year, incorporate seasonal colors, motifs, and accents to create an airy clean ambiance. Use the following easy and inexpensive tips for spring decorating your living room.    


Spend some time eliminating clutter. Organize cabinets, remove heavy materials or furniture, and open the drapes. Spring is all about freshness, so let the light come in!


Incorporate spring color combinations into your living room. Common palettes include orange and aqua, yellow and robin’s egg blue, lavender and white, and pale green. For a dramatic makeover, paint the walls a fresh color. However, you can achieve get a similar effect by bringing in accents. Consider inexpensive items like pillows, vases, flowers, rugs, linens, curtains, and table runners. Small pops of color around the room can make a big difference.


Select vintage drawings or pictures from magazines or books bought at a flea market. Remove them or make color copies and frame them in simple wooden or antique frames. Hang them on the wall or display on side tables.


Create an instant atmosphere in your living room by displaying gorgeous spring flowers. Think tulips, daffodils, orchids, and lilies. Put them in decorative unique vases around the room wrapped in bright ribbons. You will feel energized by the colors and fragrances.


Add spring motifs like rabbits, leaves, Easter eggs, and bird’s nests into living room decor. Arrange a collection of ceramic rabbits on a buffet table or set out a tray filled with wheatgrass and topped with unwrapped chocolate rabbits. String together hollowed-out eggs to create a wreath or garland that can be hung from a staircase or mantelpiece. Fill pretty baskets with decorative Easter eggs in bright colors and designs.


Display items that reflect nature, such as seashells, leaves or herbs, pebbles, sand, or even bowls of fruit.  

These easy decorating ideas will bring a fresh and light feeling to your home that is perfect for spring.

Last Updated on November 15, 2021

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